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The Rural Tutor work with schools to support students in developing organisation and study skills setting them up for life, whether for tertiary education or simply adulting.


Schools and teachers are experts in their subject area.  However, with such a crowded curriculum, school life often doesn’t leave room for students to actually learn ‘how to study’.   This is where The Rural Tutor is able to support students and schools. 

Most independent and selective state schools offer scholarships to students who perform well in the ACER Scholarship exam.  


However, for many students this may be the first time that they have been exposed to a formal examination, which can be quite daunting.  

The Rural Tutor has designed a Scholarship Exam Preparation Workshop to help your child feel more confident and prepared for this exam.  

Students will:

 ✅ Undertake a practice exam under exam conditions

 ✅ Review the exam immediately, with full answers and explanations worked through for comprehension, grammar and mathematics.

 ✅  Receive individualised feedback on the writing component of exam.

2024 Scholarship Exam Prep Workshops

Yr 7/8: 21 Jan (Armidale) or 28 Jan (Gunnedah)

Yr 9/10: 4 Feb (Gunnedah) or 11 Feb (Armidale)


For further information please contact The Rural Tutor at

Scholarship exam preparation workshops


The Rural Tutor is constantly listening to families, schools, and students to determine their learning needs.

We develop specific workshops to help meet these needs.

If you have a specific learning need that is not listed, please contact The Rural Tutor as we would love to work with you to help meet this need.

Back to School Bootcamp

The Rural Tutor is offering a unique Back to School Bootcamp to provide a short, intense refresh of learning just before going back to school.


Small groups of students based on stage (e.g. Year 3 & 4 is Stage 2) will meet for 4 x 2 hour sessions.

Each session will be stage specific, covering:

    ✅ Reading comprehension

    ✅ Writing

    ✅ Mathematics – whole number & number sense

Back to School Bootcamp will be offered again in January 2025.  

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