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Study Skills

The Rural Tutor offers an individualised and specialised approach to Study Skills.

At The Rural Tutor  we work with your school to tailor our Study Skills experience and skills with the learning needs of your students.  We work closely with Leaders of Learning in schools to ensure that the existing school language used relating to study skills is incorporated in our workshops.  

At The Rural Tutor we not only offer tutorials and information sessions on Study Skills, we insist on facilitating workshops where students physically need to apply these new ideas and skills.  We have found that this embeds the new learning, resulting in students walking away from the sessions with tangible tools to use.

The Rural Tutor’s programs focus show students how to:​

 ✅ Finding time

 ✅ Committing time to a task

 ✅ How to study

For further information please contact The Rural Tutor.

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