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Empowerment through quality, individualised education.

The Rural Tutor partners with students, families and schools to ignite students' love of learning.

  • Are you concerned about your child’s progress at school?

  • Are you at a loss as to how to support your child as ‘school’ has changed so much since you were at school?

  • Are you battling over homework?

  • Are you wondering how best to support your child through the HSC?

The Rural Tutor tailors tutoring to meet the needs of each student.  

The Rural Tutor offers two forms of tutoring – either small group (a maximum of three students) or more intensive individual support.


The Rural Tutor is constantly listening to families, schools, and students to determine their learning needs.  We develop specific workshops to help meet these needs. 


The Rural Tutor  works with schools to support students in developing organisation and study skills setting them up for life, whether for tertiary education or simply adulting.


Schools and teachers are experts in their subject area.  However, with such a crowded curriculum, school life often doesn’t leave room for students to actually learn ‘how to study’.   This is where The Rural Tutor is able to support students and schools.

Study Skills

Using a multi-sensory structured approach to both literacy (Institute for Multisensory Structured Language Education – IMSLE) and mathematics (Maths Australia), we are led by each child’s individual learning needs, working at their own pace, constantly making adjustments and checking in with their understanding.  


What do we mean by multi-sensory?

MSL is the acronym for Multisensory Structured Language.  It is also known as OG (Orton Gillingham) or Structured Literacy (ST).

It is based on the body of research commonly known as the Science of Reading to which Orton Gillingham’s work is a focal point.  


Practically, what does MSL mean?

  • Multi-sensory: means that we access all of the sensors when we teach.  We follow research which supports the act of ‘hearing’, ‘seeing’ and ‘doing’ is a powerful method for long term learning.

  • Structured:  Structured means in each session, we follow a structured approach which students quickly become familiar with.  In addition, we ensure each student is confident with one skill before progressing to the next.  

  • Language:  Language refers to the language of English and of Mathematics.  This ‘language’ or coding needs to be explicitly taught.

At The Rural Tutor we are passionate about empowering children to be ‘code breakers’ for both the English language and mathematics.

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Words of kindness

A few words from our families and schools

Gill Downs, Director Learning, The Armidale School 2023

Working with Judi was so positive. Her sessions were positive, hands-on and engaging. The hour was a little short but is an area for the School to review for future to ensure she has enough time to work through the content. Many thanks. 

Armidale Mum

Judi has been a game changer for us! Not only has tutoring significantly improved our daughters marks, it has had a profound impact on her confidence and willingness to have a go at things she finds challenging. It is setting her up for life long learning.

Gunnedah Mum

I recommend The Rural Tutor.
​Judi Sheedy is amazing, she has helped my son so much.

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Australian Dyslexia Association

Australian Tutoring Association


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